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Got Chargebacks? Align can Help!

Updated: Jan 7

When a merchant is approved for accepting credit cards, they are expected to meet certain standards for proper fulfillment of goods and services. If a customer is unsatisfied with a product, wrongfully charged, or simply just doesn’t recognize the charge, they can initiate a chargeback. Chargebacks are reimbursement requests started by the cardholder that often favor the customer as an attempt to protect them from fraud or misleading sales practices.

Other issues that a customer may encounter to compel them to dispute a charge include problems like duplicated charges, claims that goods and services were never received, a canceled transaction that may have still accidentally been charged, or products that were not as described. Whatever the reason might be, after a chargeback request is initiated with the issuing bank, the issuing bank communicates with the acquiring bank to begin an investigation. Funds will then be reversed from the merchant’s account, plus the merchant will be slapped with a chargeback fee often between $25 - $100. Merchants do get a chance during the investigation to provide a dispute against the chargebacks, but it must be done within a specific amount of time.

Whether you are a new merchant or a seasoned business owner, getting hit with a chargeback can be quite the frustrating surprise. Align ecommerce is a pro when it comes to helping merchants understand why you might be receiving chargebacks, how to prevent chargebacks, and disputing chargebacks. We’re here to help you today!

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