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How to Turn a Podcast into a Business

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

Is listening to podcasts your hobby? Are you and your friends ready to hit the air waves?! Think you’ve got something to say??! Learn how to turn a podcast into a business so you can start getting paid to create content for listeners today.

What is a Podcast?

Simply, podcasts are digital audio (and sometimes video) content distrusted over the internet, usually in a set or series. They can be used to relax, educate, inform, inspire, or just for the pure joy of entertainment. The reason podcasts have become so popular so quickly is mostly because of the convenience of being able to listen to them wherever and whenever you want- but also because they are easily accessible, are able to cover specific and niche type topics, and can give new perspectives on things.

Steps to Creating a Money-Making Podcast

1. Start with a plan: if you don’t already have a long-term plan for your podcast, including the content, growth, and marketing, make one! This foundational step will be what guides your podcast forward.

2. Launch a website: a website is crucial- from podcast material to upcoming news, your audience will need a place to go for more information. Take extra advantage of your website by adding a blog or collecting visitor’s email addresses for real-time podcast drop alerts.

3. Build a trusted brand: use social media, influencers, advertising, and of course- the podcast itself, to become a trusted expert (or favorite entertainer). This will build your podcast’s following, which is crucial to eventually making money with it.

4. Look for sponsorships: once your podcast has enough supporters, ad networks would love to sponsor you… but approaching companies or brands yourself (especially with smaller followings) can also be a helpful in obtaining a sponsorship.

5. Incorporate affiliate advertising: advising your listeners to purchase specific goods or services, conveniently linked through a unique URL, will get you a portion of the sales proceeds. The more your audience buys, the more you and your podcast will make!

6. Charge subscription fees: most podcasts are free to the listener, but some do offer premium content (for a fee) on a weekly or monthly basis.

7. Sell merch: another way to generate some money off your podcast is by creating and selling your own merchandise. Tees, hats, sweaters, koozies- the retail options are basically unlimited.

After putting in all the hard work to produce a riveting, ultra-engaging podcast, turn it into a fulltime money-making business! And when you’re ready for easy payment processing integration options, give Align eCommerce a call. We are here to help you!

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