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What to do After a Declined Merchant Account

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

As a business owner, applying for a merchant account seems simple enough- but what happens when it isn’t? Having your application denied might sound conclusive but don’t give up! Instead, follow our tips of what to do after a declined merchant account so that you can still secure payment processing for your business today.

Steps to Take After a Decline

There are a few reasons a merchant might get their application declined (like a low credit score, tax issues, etc.), and depending on why, there are a couple things that can be done to get you set-up with an account…

First, speak with your service provider directly- sometimes it’s a simple application mistake or data entry error that can be easily resolved by contacting your merchant service provider. Your processor is there to help troubleshoot problems in a quick and efficient manner, or even try to figure out alternative options for you. They are a great resource so be sure to utilize their services.

But, if that doesn’t work, you might have to find a different provider- often a business is declined for a merchant account because they are deemed to be high-risk and so the payment processor either can’t or won’t take on the extra financial exposure. This means looking for a new payment's provider, like Align eCommerce, who has the tools and technology to offer the specialized attention needed. Not all merchant service providers are the same so a little research might be necessary, but it’ll be worth it.

Understanding why you’ve been declined is extremely important so you can know how to proceed forward… but ultimately, having a good relationship with your payment's provider is the best way to move past a decline. Remember- just because you’ve been denied doesn’t mean that decision is final!

If you’re looking to obtain a high-risk merchant account without the extra hassle, contact Align eCommerce! As high-risk specialists, we can handle all your payments needs with the direct attention and dedication you deserve. We’re here for you!

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