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How To Start a CBD Business from Home in 8 Simple Steps

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

Operating an ecommerce business has its perks- like working remotely, having a flexible schedule, even lower operating costs… however, getting an online business up and running can be much more of a daunting experience (especially in the exploding CBD space). Even with that said, there’s never been a better time to jump into the CBD market! Have the best of both worlds by learning how to start a CBD business from home in 8 simple steps.

8 steps to a CBD business

Take advantage of CBD’s quickly accelerating future by getting your at-home business started


1. Understand the laws: depending on which state you live in, CBD may only be allowed to be sold in certain forms and with a specific license, or it could even be illegal altogether. The future of CBD will most likely be different… but for now, knowing your specific law is extremely important.

2. Pick a niche: if you haven’t already decided, find an area of the market you want to specialize in (like CBD supplements or CBD infused foods). With such a massive range of products, it’s crucial to narrow it down- otherwise it will be overwhelming for both you and your customers.

3. Draft a business plan: with any business, ecommerce or not, you’ll want to write up a business plan! This will include things like brand name and product range, compliance policies, market analyzations, advertising strategies, and even financing options.

4. Get your paperwork: you’re going to need official documents (business license, reseller license, etc.) to own and operate an ecommerce CBD business. Make sure you do your research and apply for them all.

5. Find a supplier: this might require a little more effort, but it is truly one of the most important steps your CBD business will take. You’ll want to look for wholesalers who not only sell CBD derived from hemp, but also ones who proudly test, analyze, and certify their products.

6. Build a website: the fun (and very essential) part where everything starts to come together is your webpage- but consider hiring a web developer to make sure your site runs smooth and looks great.

7. Choose a payments provider: not all payment processers will work with CBD companies because of the current regulatory status, so make sure you focus on ones that do- like Align eCommerce, who can easily integrate payment processing into your website.

8. Advertise yourself: now that you’re a functioning at home CBD business, all that’s left is attracting customers. Optimize social platforms, influencer marketing, paid ads… whatever it takes to get visitors to your website and purchasing your goods.

As one of the top CBD payments providers, Align is here for you- from quick integration to trusted employees, we have everything your at-home CBD business needs.

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