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Is Hiring a Web Developer Necessary?

Having a webpage for your business is vital- and with the options of website builders and templates, creating your own site can seem simple enough- but is it? From encryption to to SEO-friendly framework, plus the actual aesthetic appeal, there is a lot to consider. Learn what a web developer is, and why their work is important, so that your business can know for sure if hiring a professional is necessary.

What is a web developer?

Fundamentally, a web developer is responsible for creating and maintaining professional websites. But even more specifically, a web developer builds software and programs coding for all the technical features we expect (like visual designs), and even those you might not know exist (think website performance optimization).

There are 3 types of developers- those who specialize in front-end and are sometimes confused for web designers because of their visual responsibilities; those who focus on back-end and the actual systems and functions that make a webpage work; and then the coveted full-stack developers who do it all.

Pros and cons

One of the most significant things a business can do for itself is to have a website- but not all websites are created equal. These are the pros and cons of hiring a professional to create a custom webpage:


· Experience: as a professional, the expertise offered means your online ideas and requirements can become a reality without the hassle of the entire methodical building process.

· Comprehensive operating features: it’s already difficult enough to create a smooth-operating, aesthetically pleasing, webpage… but building in all the little, unseen details (like making sure the site is SEO-friendly), are needed for a successful website- and web developers already know how to effectively incorporate them.

· Easy fixes: being able to fix or adjust the website in an efficient manner by contacting the original web developer or a skilled designer means stress-free updates every time.


· Long-term investment: a website can be everything if done properly and maintaining the relationship with the original developer is important- but if an incompetent web developer was chosen then it might not be realized until too late or too far into the process, prompting you to have to start again.

· Unforeseen costs: sometimes a developer can go rogue with the budget (effects can get expensive), which means occasionally there are hidden costs a business owner may incur.

Is hiring a web developer necessary?

So, is hiring a web developer necessary? Technically- no; websites can be made without developers, just like wedding cakes can be made without bakers or brakes can be changed without mechanics… but realistically- yes, web developers are essential to guaranteeing a business can get the most out of its webpage! This is a very important part of any company’s overall success and professional developers know that.

And once the perfect website has been constructed for your business, reach out to Align eCommerce for easy payment processing integration options. We have the tools and technology you need!

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