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How to Make a Good First Impression with Your Website

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

The first impression is always important, but especially for any company trying to sell their goods, products, or services- and for most, a website is the start of a client’s perception of a business. Never let a webpage be the reason you lose out on money again but instead learn how to make a good first impression with your website by implementing our simple tips and tricks. Let’s get your online page working for you!

First Impression Tips

Your business could offer the best goods or services around… but without a proper website, it doesn’t matter. These are the best ways to make sure your site reflects your business and reaches its fill potential:

Be aesthetically pleasing- from color palate to good overall content placement, having a beautiful looking website is the very first thing visitors will see (and judge).

Make sure your load speed is fast- a quick loading webpage is one of the most obvious elements of a good website. Slow speeds can indicate old or lower quality sites- and people notice.

Include attention grabbing videos- an introductory video is a great way to explain a lot of information in a short period of time… which is super helpful when first impressions are made almost immediately.

Create an interactive scrolling experience- visitors are (hopefully) going to want to look through your entire site- so by creating an interactive scrolling experience, you generate a sense of value for your business while giving your customers the excitement they are expecting.

Employ mobile specific optimization- speaking of being scroll-friendly, almost everyone uses their phone to check out websites- meaning if yours isn’t mobile responsive, it needs to be!

Ensure easy navigation- along with everything above, being simple to navigate, organized, with easy to find goods, services, and information is what generates the ultimate user experience.

Because a website is how most people will discover your business, it’s essential to be sure it is set up to make a good first impression- from design to navigation, all features matter! And when you’re ready to team up with a payments provider that also cares about the details, contact Align eCommerce. We make sure your business has everything it needs!

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