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How to Market Your Business on Social Media

Updated: Jan 7

If you’re of a certain age you can remember the days before social media took over our lives- and for better or worse those simpler times are long gone. With people spending countless hours scrolling through endless feeds, there is an opportunity here for unknown businesses to also be seen. Being able to capture people’s attention (especially amongst a million other things) is a skill… and all it starts with knowing how to properly market your businesses online. To help you out we’ve compiled some of the top tips for any business owner looking to capitalize on the new world that social media has created.

1. Fill Out Your Profile: As basic as this may seem, it is very important to fully fill out your social media profile. This not only shows you’re a reputable business, but it can be a great way to attract potential customers’ attention. Try to include specifics like your business’s date of incorporation, services offered, delivery details, chat support, and a company bio… and don’t forget to upload a professional profile picture to maximize the impact. Remember! This is your chance for a great first impression.

2. Use Branded Hashtags: Using branded hashtags on every post will allow you to generate more traffic, create a community for your business, and be able to find content created by you (and your followers). Take this as an opportunity to really ensure that your customers have an idea of what your brand is all about.

3. Cross-Promote on Other Channels: Don’t just stop at one social media presence- get them all! Then, when you post on one site, you can let your audience know where to find you on the other platforms. This will help you build a following while also boosting your brand awareness.

4. Post Regularly: Posting regularly is the only way to keep your business’s momentum going. Being thoughtful, original, unique, and interesting for every post is tough but it is the best way to achieve exposure and maintain (and grow) your followers!

5. Use Analytics: Work smarter not harder- and there are tools to help you do that. Find a social media analytic software that you like to help keep track of what your audiences care about and what sways their purchasing decisions. This information will help you create more modified and relevant content which will ultimately save you time on pointless posts.

6. Promote What Makes Your Business Unique: Those unique differences that your business offers are what will set you apart from competitors... so highlight them! For example, you could promote working with Align ecommerce, the leading online payment processor, which shows the customers your business truly cares about their credit card’s security.

Now that you’ve learned some of the best tips for how to market your business on social media you can get to implementing your new skills immediately! Don’t forget that working with Align ecommerce will help streamline your online transactions, keeping you and your customers well taken care of.

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