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Ecommerce Trends for 2023

Updated: Jan 7

As the new year begins, so does the opportunity to look forward to what’s to come… and ecommerce trends for 2023 are no different! Don’t get left behind in the everchanging online marketplace but instead be ready to keep advancing your business ahead.

2023 Trends

Predicting trends each year can be challenging- so we did it for you! Here are the top ecommerce trends to be following in 2023…

Stabilizing growth for the ecommerce market: after a crazy acceleration of the ecommerce market during 2020, in 2023 we’ll finally start to see it stabilize into a consistent growth over the next several years... and by consistent, I mean online sales growth is basically unstoppable. If you haven’t moved your business online yet, you need to!

Social ecommerce takes over: with the amount of people engaging across all social media platforms, it’s no surprise that businesses are dying to tap into the social scene. There will be more brands and companies going all in to taking advantage of social media in an effort to attract and maintain their customer base- including increased spending on social media advertising, streamlined shopping integrations (like “buy now” buttons), and user-generated content.

Virtual marketplaces expand: the metaverse is going to transform the way businesses interact with their clients- just as social media has done. With revenue projected to expand exponentially for the metaverse over the next several years, and predictions of interactions with customers in this alternate reality becoming commonplace, it makes sense that virtual marketplaces will only continue to rapidly intensify.

A bigger focus on customer service: with so many brand options, customers will spend less money or choose to find product alternatives if they feel a company’s customer service is lacking… and businesses know this. There is a lot of resources currently being invested by some big companies to help advance AI technology as a solution for better, more available, assistance to retain their consumer base. Ultimately, look for more ecommerce sites turning to chatbots that are smarter, faster, and open for help 24/7.

Mobile shopping becomes a necessity: at this point, if an ecommerce site doesn’t offer mobile shopping, then it’s behind the curve. With literally almost everyone owning a mobile device it is essential that your webpage is not only optimized for mobile viewing, but that shopping on that device is also as simple as possible. Diverse payment options (think digital wallets, buy now pay later, online banking, cards, etc.), simple menu navigation, and a seamless payment process, like what Align ecommerce offers, will all be important features consumers are looking for.

Sustainability: there is a large percentage of the population that claims they would be willing to spend more or change their buying habits if it reduced their environmental impact- and companies are listening. Green commerce is the future that really starts to set off this year!

It’s important to continue looking ahead to make sure your business can stay competitive in the increasingly crowded online world. Keep your ecommerce brand evolving by taking advantage of the current trends! And if you have questions or need assistance integrating new payment technology, contact us here at Align- we’re ready to help.

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