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Tips to Increase your Online Sales!

Are you tired of shoppers leaving their items on the checkout page before finalizing their purchase? Do you wish that you could minimize these cart abandonments and increase your conversion rate? Learning about an online shopper’s decision-making process and figuring out why they may have changed their mind before completing the final checkout sounds challenging- but it can be the best way to continue to successfully propel your business forward. These are our top 3 tips for increasing your online conversion rates (and growing your overall online sales!).

1. Help your customer feel comfortable: this means keeping the payment experience as simple, secure, and swift as possible. The most important step is to make sure that your customer has a sense of trust in the checkout environment you create for them. One way of producing confidence in your site is by having your checkout page align with your website’s theme and presentation (cohesiveness looks professional). Another great way of giving a new customer reassurance is by displaying a total transaction count- this helps the consumer feel confident that the product is worth buying while simultaneously establishing a sense of customer loyalty. Using a trusted payment gateway, like what we offer here at Align eCommerce, is an easy way to track your total transactions to help with keeping your count accurate.

2. Confirm their payment is secure: displaying a brief product description and/or descriptor (that will show on the cardholder’s credit card statement) and providing your refund policy on the checkout page might add a level of security that your guest needs to feel comfortable before giving your product a try.

3. Go mobile: if you haven’t already, integrating a mobile checkout page is a valuable addition to your online sales conversion. People are always on the go so giving them the option to buy from your site anywhere, anytime will only benefit your business. Let Align get you set up with a quick and easy mobile solution that’ll have your customers conveniently purchasing from their phones today!

Hopefully after implementing our tips for optimizing your checkout page, you will start to see more conversions! If you would like an example of some high-converting checkout pages or have any other processing questions in general, contact one of our support members at Align eCommerce. We’re here to help! Here are some additional blog articles that might be helpful for improving your online sales:

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