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Top 5 Web Design Trends for 2023

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

We’ve all been to a website that was underwhelming- and then had an immediate assumption about the goods or services offered through that site. Don’t let your business be that website! Instead, keep your company modern with our top 5 web design trends for 2023.

Best 2023 Trends

Web design is something that is always evolving, which means there’s always a chance to elevate your website above others. Here are some of the standout design you can incorporate to have your website up to date and looking good.

1. More user engagement: an interactive website will keep your visitors involved and interested with your page- this can mean features like interactive fonts, 3D animations, creative scrolling experiences, unique cursors, and more. User engagement will be everywhere!

2. Unique details: when so many sites look similar, people start to appreciate a little creativity. Watch for unique web designs to become more widespread- things like hand-drawn graphics, organic-looking illustrations, and even clay morphism style details will all be making a strong appearance this year.

3. Retro design: for whatever reason, nostalgia is in high demand. Memphis design especially, with its bright and exciting 80’s aesthetic, will be a huge part of the vintage design takeover. If you’re looking for fun, this trend is it!

4. Short videos: not every website needs a video, but short supplemental videos are definitely becoming more popular. These can be great for many reasons but especially if there’s something that needs to be summed up or explained further. For example, if you sell tech gadgets then having a short video of the product and its features would be extremely helpful for potential customers.

5. Increased social proof: because a website is often the first impression, building trust with a new visitor can be hard. Business and web designers are now including sections or pages where real customers have left reviews in an effort to instill confidence in whatever it is their company has to offer.

In short, 2023 is the year of engagement for web design. Be on the lookout for fun and interesting web pages that have a flare of sentimental creativity to them. And if you need seamless integration of credit card processing for your new and trendy website- make sure to contact Align eCommerce where we have the tools, technology, and friendly staff to help!

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