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5 Tips to Help Your CBD Products Sell

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

As the hemp industry only continues to rapidly expand, setting yourself apart from competitors can be challenging- but it’s not impossible! In an effort to keep your goods distinctive, and your company continuously thriving, we have the 5 best tips to help your CBD products sell. Don’t let your business miss out on all the opportunities yet to come!


With the future of CBD being limitless, and the money to be made being vast, knowing how to sell your product is crucial to your business’s success

1. Highlight your brand’s unique value: if your business offers extra advantages- emphasize it! For instance, loyalty programs, free priority shipping, subscription discounts, bulk buying, welcome offers, and so on… all perks that customers love to take advantage of.

2. Utilize video content: if you have a website, incorporating supplemental videos on CBD products, with further explanation of their features and benefits, can help a potential customer feel more comfortable before ordering.

3. Emphasize your social proof: whether in-person or online, if your products have ratings, reviews, or testimonials- highlight it! In a space where quality and trust are everything, customers find other’s endorsements reassuring.

4. Employ email marketing: this method might not be new, but it’s effective! Keep your shoppers engaged and excited for your merchandise by using coupons, flash deals, and new product drop alerts sent directly to their email.

5. Boost your brand awareness: simply, the more people know about your brand, the more your product will sell. This can be done through building an affiliate network, using influencer marketing, attending trade shows, or just by organic website traffic driven through an SEO-friendly webpage.

After elevating your CBD products above others, watch the profits start rolling in! And to make sure you never overpay in payment processing fees, or to get set up with CBD merchant services in general, give Align eCommerce a call- we are always ready to help.

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