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How To Get Repeat Customers for Your CBD Business

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

As CBD continues to grow into a massive industry, more entrepreneurs are jumping into the game. This influx can make it challenging to not only attract new customers, but to know how to get repeat customers for your own CBD business. If you’ve been looking for ways to ensure your potential clients become regulars, this is it!

Tips to get repeat customers

Customer retention is huge for any business, but especially in an increasingly crowded field. Don’t miss out on the huge financial gain of being the go-to CBD store by implementing our best tips for focusing on securing client loyalty…

· Build customer trust: building customer trust is extremely important, and the best way to do this is to create brand authority. This can mean surveys, customer testimonials, educational guides, videos, or even an informative blog- whatever helps with building confidence in your products.

· Invest in marketing: being able to set your brand apart from others is also significant. A great approach is to team up with an influencer who can provide a distinctive and unique voice to your CBD business.

· Give promotions: or discounts, loyalty points, referral credits, free shipping… basically any enticing incentive will help motivate your customers to return (people love a good perk).

· Offer a subscription service: an easy way to make sure you get repeat sales is by presenting CBD subscription services- think monthly wellness boxes with new products to test, or maybe an automated refill of a client’s favorite item. This method ensures a future sale!

· Sell popular products: having the most well-liked CBD products in stock will allow customers to come to your business to buy what they know, and then try something new or interesting while shopping the rest of your goods.

Growing and maintaining a customer base isn’t easy- instead it takes intentional thought and effort to become a trusted CBD business that people will want to continue coming back to. But by executing our tips (and with a little determination), you can watch your company endlessly grow! And when your CBD venture is ready for reliable payment processing options, give Align eCommerce a call- we’ll make sure your business has everything it needs.

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