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How to Host a Successful Networking Event

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

After attending enough networking events you may start to wonder, should you host your own?! Well, from increased brand exposure to enhanced business connections- the advantages are real. Learn how to host a successful networking event so you can benefit from everything that throwing your own affair offers!

Tips for Hosting an Event

By implementing our top tips you’ll be planning an unforgettable experience in no time…

· Pick a purpose: there are so many reasons for holding an event (things like specialized lectures, teaching new skills, raising money for charities, connecting professionals in certain industries and/ or demographics, etc.) so finding a purpose is important- this helps others not only understand what they’ll gain from attending, but it will also allow you structure and plan the event accordingly.

· Set a budget: whether you charge for entrance or it’s a free experience, networking events can cost a lot of money to throw. Set your budget so you have a better idea of the size or complexity of what you want your affair to be.

· Choose a format: if your purpose includes a lecture or a training then it already has some structure, but most will need planning. For instance, if you are considering a large-scale event then activities like speed networking or targeted roundtables might be beneficial, whereas events planned with people who already know each other can take advantage of relaxed social settings at happy hours or trivia nights.

· Secure a venue: now that you have a purpose, budget, and a format, obtaining a site that will fit your needs is next. Hotels, schools, restaurants, bars, local parks- the venue options are basically limitless.

· Set a date and promote: after your date is official, start promoting! Market via email, social media, digital ads, print ads… whatever channel that reaches your target audience the best. Consider pre-registration for participants who confirm in advance for a smoother, more efficient process.

· Don’t forget the details: food & drinks, invitations, decorations, name tags, swag bags, guest speakers, and so forth- there is a lot to think about (and depending on the scale of your affair, hiring an event planner may also be helpful). Putting thought into the little things can really go a long way!

· Try to talk to everyone: finally, as a good host, you’ll want to take the time to try and speak with everyone. Remember- this is ultimately a networking event and as the host you’ll want to facilitate as many connections as possible.

And now you’re ready to host a successful networking event! Enjoy the credibility and brand awareness that comes with bringing people together. For a merchant service provider that cares about your business as much as you do- reach out to Align eCommerce. We’re always here to help! Here are some related articles that might help you in your journey.

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