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How Faster Funding Can Build Your Business

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

Are you a business owner who is still waiting around to receive your bank deposits while others get theirs? Have you thought about what faster funding can do for your business?! You could have the most well-known merchant service provider in the industry but if they aren’t depositing your money quickly then they are holding you back!

Typical Deposit Time

Depending on your business and level of risk, typical deposit times can take up to 3 days (and in some cases, even longer). But with Align eCommerce, not only is next day funding our standard- some merchants can actually qualify for same day funding as well!

How Faster Funding Can Help

As your business grows, so does the money it brings in- which means your funding time becomes even more important. Here’s how securing faster banking deposits can exponentially benefit your business…

1. Easier financial planning: knowing what your business makes today will be in your account in a quick and consistent manner makes it much easier to plan your short-term and long-term goals.

2. Financial flexibility: quicker deposits can be the difference in what you want to do with your business now, instead of what you were waiting to do next week (or next month, or next year).

3. Swifter restocking: being able to restock your most popular items almost immediately is another huge benefit (instant restocks= increased sales)!

4. Better investing opportunities: having money allows investing to happen when and where you think it’s most beneficial instead of whenever and however you can.

5. Urgent issues handled: things happen- so gaining the ability to quickly resolve urgent issues instead of waiting to handle the problem is another advantage of fast funding.

6. Peace of mind: having the funds in your account as opposed to being held up in someone else’s bank for an extended period of time can give you that financial confidence you’ve been missing.

7. Faster overall business growth: with all the benefits that fast funding offers, it’s easy to see how a business can rapidly grow with quicker access to money.

Still need convincing?? See for yourself what fasting funding can do for your company when you work with Align eCommerce- from the quickest deposits to the lowest fees, we’re here for all your payments needs!

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