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How to Convert Likes into Sales

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

It takes a lot of effort for a business to become a social media sensation- but having even the most successful social media account doesn’t mean anything if it doesn’t translate into money. Don’t let all your hard work go to waste but instead learn how to convert likes into sales so that your business can be as successful offline as it is on!

Conversion techniques

Sometimes it can be a challenge to get conversion rates up, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done- and these are the best ways to make it happen:

· Know your target audience: understanding the demographic of who your buyers are will help you craft directed ads or posts that will regularly engage your followers, leading to more sales.

· Be active: it’s not enough to just post content regularly, but also being quick to respond is crucial. A fast response to a potential customer’s questions or concerns builds trust- and trust creates a strong, loyal following. Opting to utilize automation, like a chat bot, can be helpful for afterhours when no one will be around to respond.

· Create clickable links: whether it’s optimizing your bio link, or tagging the products so users are directed to your website, having clickable links will encourage people to visit your merchandise page.

· Promote shoppable items: don’t be afraid to post, or re-post, the most shopped items your business offers. People want what others have, or what’s popular, and this is a great way to show what’s trending.

· Use influencers: social media influencers are one of the best marketing strategies to advertise your goods! Not only will your items be seen by their massive following, but people are more likely to buy products in general if someone they trust endorses it.

· Be a business that people want to buy from: taking care of your customers, donating to good causes, and/ or being environmentally friendly are all things people notice- and want to be a part of (so promote it!). Let your business be the good that shoppers want to invest in.

Getting likes and comments doesn’t do anything for your company if it can’t be translated into sales! Let your social media presence be huge for your business by learning how to take advantage of it. And when you’re ready for a payment processor who can keep up with you, give Align eCommerce a call. Your success is what we strive for.

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