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How to Design a Kick Ass Logo

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

The importance of branding for a business’s success is basically vital- and the logo is the essence of it! Set yourself apart by learning how to design a kick ass logo that not only perfectly symbolizes what your business is, but also makes sure people will never forget it.

Logo Design Principles

A logo is often the first attention grabbing, identifying element of your business that your audience encounters- which means as a first impression, it’s essential to understand what a good logo entails:

Know your brand’s identity- from the unique personality your business has, to your projected target audience, knowing your brand’s identity is key to building the perfect logo. It’s a lot harder to design an emblem that appropriately represents your business if your business isn’t defined yet!

Check out the competition- taking a look at some of your competitor’s logos can be helpful for ideas, but it’s also good to know what is already out there. Recognizing the differences between your business and the competition, and then emphasizing it within your logo design, can be a creative and effective way to set yourself apart.

Keep it simple- with logo aesthetics, less it more! Getting crazy or overly complicated with the design, colors, font, wording, etc. can be confusing (and unattractive) for people- which will deter them from wanting to engage with your business.

Pay attention to color- speaking of aesthetics, the color of the logo can say a lot. For example, using complementary colors creates an energetic buzz, while using an analogous color scheme generates a harmonious feel. In addition, each color itself can evoke its own thoughts and emotions in people (like blue having a calming affect). The psychology of color is real!

Employ a professional designer- while optional, hiring a professional designer can expedite the process and get you several options that you could simply choose your favorite from (plus easy modifications if requested).

Don’t be generic or cliché- just because you’re a baker doesn’t necessarily mean you need to have a cake in your logo. Try to avoid being too basic, cliché, or trendy, but instead look for timeless, memorable designs.

As the recognizable face of your business, an awesome logo is totally necessary! And once your perfect logo is set, reach out to Align eCommerce for your comprehensive merchant service options. We’re here for your success!

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