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How to Handle Bad Reviews

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

After working so hard to make your business perfect, you get hit with a bad review… and we all know how damaging bad reviews can be! The sad truth is even if you’re the most successful business in the world, negative feedback still happens- but how you handle the adversity is what makes the difference. Learn what to do after a bad review so that you can continue to propel your business forward.

Tips for Responding

Both positive and negative comments should be replied to, but bad reviews deserve extra attention! Not only will responding improve your reputation but it also demonstrates your willingness to resolve issues- showing your customers you care about their business. These are our best tips for responding to those bad reviews…

· Reply quickly: it’s not enough to just reply, but doing so in a timely matter is important. A prompt response is appreciated, respected, and your potential clients will notice.

· Be understanding: maybe it’s your fault, maybe it’s not- but being understanding and helpful goes a long way in customer support.

· Always stay professional: try not to take the negative feedback personal but instead maintain a professional and courteous demeanor.

· Offer to fix the problem: whether it’s a replacement or a refund, finding a solution to the issue should always be a priority.

· Turn this into an opportunity: instead of thinking of a bad review as offensive, think of it as an opportunity to show off great customer service as well as a chance for your business to stand out.

· Take it offline: sometimes it’s more appropriate and efficient to take the communications offline… and when it is, get their contact information, ask when it’s best to reach them, and be sure to apologize for the unsatisfaction.

· Drown it out: when a negative comment occurs, and especially if it’s rare, encouraging your customers to leave positive reviews can help to drown out the bad one. A single bad review amongst many isn’t as damaging!

· Move on: as upsetting as negative feedback can be, after doing what you can to address the matter there’s nothing else to be done- so let it go and move on. One person’s review isn’t a reflection of your entire business.

Negative comments happen but don’t let it bring you down! Take care of the problem the best you can, and others will notice- but more importantly, they will continue to feel comfortable buying from you. For merchant service options that will never lead to a bad review, call Align ecommerce! Our staff is always ready to help. Here are some related articles that might help you in your journey.

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