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6 Ultimate Tips for Avoiding Bad Reviews

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

In a world where reviews can make or break any business, it’s becoming increasingly important to avoid bad ones… and while some negative comments may be inevitable, there are things that can be done to mitigate them! These are our 6 ultimate tips for avoiding bad reviews so that your company can be known for being the exceptional business that it is.

Why Reviews Matter

When is the last time you’ve tried a new restaurant, used a new service, or purchased a new item (especially an expensive one) without looking at reviews on it first? Almost all of us like to check the feedback from others before making a decision to spend money- which shows how important reviews have become. If you want to increase your customer base and grow your business, it starts with consistently positive, reassuring feedback.

Tips to Avoid Bad Reviews

Stress less and sell more by implementing our tips for avoiding bad reviews…

1. Quality matters: whether it’s selling great product or offering phenomenal services, the quality of what you’re offering really does matter. Being cheap, shoddy, or substandard is exactly the negative criticism you’re trying to avoid.

2. Maintain great customer service: things happen! And when they do, it’s so important to have helpful and friendly customer service representatives in place. Quickly figuring out solutions to any issues a client has can help prevent damaging reviews from being posted.

3. Promote buying perks: it doesn’t matter if you’re an ecommerce business or a physical store, there are purchasing incentives you can be promoting! Complimentary shipping, free swag items, future discount codes- people love perks and will inform others.

4. Be responsive: from questions, comments, or concerns, being responsive and knowledgeable with shoppers will help to avert those harmful remarks stating you don’t care about the company or what it offers.

5. Always put the customer first: when the customer comes first, they feel taken care of- and that is how they want to feel as your patron. Fast refunds, speedy replacements, or simply taking the time to explain product options to them can all be ways of showing the clientele that they matter.

6. Ask for feedback directly: after a sale is made, ask for feedback on the item, the buying process, and even the business as a whole. Customer surveys can be hugely beneficial in knowing how to improve your business while allowing your client to feel heard.

Even though the occasional negative comment in unavoidable, following these tips will help to moderate them. And to make sure you never receive a bad review because of your payment processing abilities, work with Align eCommerce- we’ve got the integration tools and the latest technology to help! Here are some related articles that might help you in your journey.

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