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Best Tips for Avoiding Bad Reviews as a Chiropractor

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

As a chiropractic practice in this digital age, avoiding bad reviews can be the difference between unstoppable growth or an empty office. Don’t let your business suffer because of unwarranted negative comments but instead follow our tips for avoiding bad reviews- be seen as a highly regarded chiropractor with the best chiropractic office like you should be.

Why are Reviews Important for Chiropractors?

When a person is looking for a chiropractor, they are looking for someone with a great reputation- things like being dependable, trustworthy, professional, friendly, etc. are highly sought after qualities. And, as a potential patient, there’s no one better to trust than current or past clients of that office… meaning other people’s honest reviews are exactly how a new client will make their decision of coming to you or not. Reviews hold a lot of power!

Best Ways to Avoid Bad Reviews

Reviews are all about others vouching for your credibility- so these are the best tips for evading the bad ones…

· Provide excellent service: the number one way to avoid bad reviews is by simply providing consistently excellent service. From the front desk to the chiropractors themselves, the staff really truly matter.

· Present a clean and comfortable office: a relaxed and comfortable waiting room, clean restrooms, fresh smells- clients are paying attention to your facility (and will inform others).

· Consider the small details: little thoughtful things can go a long way when people post reviews… think mini waters with personalized labels, vitamins & supplement samples, support pillows branded with business logos, etc.

· Offer perks: referral rewards, punch cards with free visits, or even in office loyalty points redeemable for products- there are tons of perks available to offer clients that will make their experience even more enjoyable.

· Ask for client feedback in office: before your patients leave, ask them to fill out a short survey for you so that you can continue to improve your services. This will help bring attention to things you can be doing better while also allowing clients to feel like their issues (if any) will be resolved before taking their grievances online.

Ultimately, the best way to avoid negative reviews is just by running an exceptional business- but even if you’re a top practice, bad reviews can still happen. If it does, respond quickly with assurance of resolution, learn from it, then move on and let it go. To make sure you never receive a bad review because of your merchant service provider, work with Align eCommerce. With low fees and supportive assistance, we’re here for you! Here are some related articles that might help you in your journey.

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