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5 Ways to Stay Up-To-Date in the CBD Industry

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

The cannabis market is one of the fastest growing, ever evolving, markets- which means staying on trend can be a challenge. But, if you are able to stay current, you might become a trusted source of all things CBD (and that can be a very lucrative position to be in!). Learn how to stay up to date in the CBD industry with these 5 easy ideas.

5 Ways to Keep Current

These are the best approaches to keeping current in the CBD world so that you can continue to stay informed and be innovative-

1. Use social media: following CBD or cannabis influencers is one of the best ways to know what’s new, especially since it’s pretty much their job to keep follows up to date with the trends.

2. Sign up for blogs and newsletters: another great source of information are newsletters and blogs! Get alerts sent directly to your phone whenever a new CBD article is published for the promptest news updates.

3. Listen to podcast: there is a podcast for literally everything nowadays- including the latest CBD news! Take advantage of any downtime you have by catching up on the most recent hemp industry podcasts available.

4. Subscribe to YouTube channels: don’t just look for CBD content on YouTube but instead look for and subscribe to specific cannabis-related YouTube channels (like Vice).

5. Find an industry friend: seeking out the help of an insider, like a CBD health researcher or a local CBD store employee, can be an opportunity to ask questions and further your knowledge- while also learning the latest scoop from a trusted source.

Staying up-to-date in the CBD world is just the start! To learn more about the future of the hemp industry or how to obtain payment processing for your own CBD company, call Align eCommerce. We have the tools and technology to help!

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