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How to Create a Chargeback Rebuttal Letter

Updated: Jan 7

If you are a business owner then you already know how problematic chargebacks can be- from losing out on money, to being charged exuberant fees, plus the possibility of being shut down by the bank altogether. For merchants, it is important to know how to dispute a chargeback, especially if a cardholder has already received the goods or services. We’ll walk you through the process of how to create a strong dispute case for yourself so that your business is prepared to take on any chargeback it may encounter.


The most effective way to dispute a chargeback is by forming a strong dispute case- which means creating a thorough chargeback rebuttal letter and then presenting persuasive evidence of fulfillment.

Chargeback Rebuttal Letter: the purpose of this document is to state your rightful fulfillment of the disputed charge. Below is an example of a rebuttal letter that can be modified to fit whatever the current chargeback situation might be. Keeping something like this on file can save you time in the future, allowing you to continue focusing on your day-to-day operations.

Date: Case: Disputed Amount:

To Whom it May Concern:

[Company Name] entered into an agreement with [Customer Name] on [Date of purchase/agreement] to provide [product/service]. The cost of these [products/service] were charged to the card ending in [Last 4 of the credit card]. Fulfillment of product/service was completed and delivered to our client within the timeframe agreed upon, and to our knowledge our client was fully satisfied with the products purchased. We recently received a dispute notice indicating that [Cardholder name] is claiming that [insert reason for chargeback]. The attached documentation shows proof of cardholder acknowledgment and proof of fulfillment. Should any further information be required, please contact us at your earliest opportunity. Regards,

[Business Owner Name]

[Business Name]

[Business email/phone #]

*This is only an example and you should add any additional information that you feel might be suitable to help build a stronger dispute case.

Provide More Information: once you have a solid rebuttal letter, you’ll want to attach any proof you may have of cardholder acknowledgment or of fulfillment. This could be any of the following…

  • Proof of cardholder acknowledgment- including the signed sale of receipt, signed credit card authorization form, or signed invoice with a list of products and services.

  • Proof of fulfillment- tracking/ shipping number, proof of completed work order, or signed delivery receipt are all examples of fulfillment.

Act Quickly: Chargebacks are time sensitive- and we know that. With Align eCommerce as your payment service provider, you’ll receive direct notifications of chargebacks so you can have as much time as possible to send your chargeback dispute package. We also offer an alert program that can catch potential chargebacks before you receive unexpected news!

If you have chargebacks, or questions about payment processing, we can help. Spend less time on chargebacks and more time on growing your business by contacting Align today!

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